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811 - Call before you dig

We all love garden projects, especially in the springtime when we want to go outside and dig right in. But, before you start, if you or your contractor are embarking on a gardening or landscaping project in your yard be sure to call 811 first and be safe.

If you or your contractor are using a shovel, digging, or excavating in your yard for any reason, you must call 811 at least 48 hours in advance to get the utilities marked. This is a free service which marks where the cables and utility lines run underground in your yard so you are aware or their approximate location and can avoid striking them, knocking out valuable utilities and services to your home.

This free service will mark buried power and gas lines in your yard as well, not just your internet.

Fiber optic cables can be cut simply with a shovel, knocking out your internet service for several days until the fiber can be physically repaired on site. For electric or gas the consequences can be even worse. Please call and get your services marked in advance, it will save you time and money. This single call gets all of the cables buried in your yard marked from all of your utilities and service providers, not just internet. So call first, and be safe!

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