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09/01/16 MyAccount and Acceptable Use Contract updates
05/16/16 Fiber Speed Simulation by some students
03/15/2016 Why Fiber Article in April Evermoor Living
03/01/2016 Gigabit Minnesota Billing Project
10/30/2015 OTT Bad Play for ESPN, Analyst Says
10/28/2015 NBC Broadcast TV Revenue Up 11% In 3Q
10/28/2015 Retransmission fees are up 22,400 percent
10/04/2015 Unwrapping the Cable TV Bundle
09/29/2015 College Hockey Schedule
09/28/2015 Minnesota Twins Schedule
09/10/2015 Additional channels added:
Fox Business Network HD Channel 544
WE HD Channel 580
Game Show Network HD Channel 583
SEC Network Channel 409 in the Sports Package
09/02/2015 Fox Sports North Minnesota Wild Schedule
09/01/2015 Gigabit Minnesota Service Rolls out in most of Prestwick
08/24/2015 Sling TV Struggles During ‘Fear the Walking Dead’
04/03/2015 Upgrade to our new Triple-Play Bundle and avoid separate Broadcast TV Fees (see article)
03/25/2015 Channel lineup some corrections
03/13/2015 Evermoor Living article: The transition from FTTH to Gigabit Minnesota
03/12/2015 Feds Sue for Deceptive Advertising
03/05/2015 DDOS Attacks article
03/01/2015 Channel changes Effective March 1 2015 - Sunday night at midnight = Monday morning 3/2/15.
Attention!!! reprogram your DVR on Monday 3/2/15.
02/24/2015 Upgrade Letter and upgrade request.
02/24/2015 Technologies and Speeds Available
02/20/2015 Channel change announcement to all customers
02/05/2015 Title II a 'heavy handed regulatory solution for problem that doesn't exist'
03/01/2015 Gigabit MN launches broader channel lineup and more HD. CHANNEL CHANGES 3/1/2015!!!
02/22/2015 Spring Sun Outage Predictions - short TV signal loss due to the sun that happens twice a year.
02/15/2015 Existing customer upgrades.
01/15/2015 Launch new Gigabit MN website, initial offerings and initial pricing.
12/15/2014 Complete new TV content negotiations and contracts.
11/01/2014 Introduce MDU (apartment building) product
10/15/2014 New Gigabit MN technology selection.
10/01/2014 Convert Service Systems
09/15/2014 Velocity upgrades Rosemount Internet backbone with redundant 10gig connection to 511.
09/02/2014 Porting of FTTH phone services to Velocity.
09/01/2014 Billing transitioned.
08/15/2014 Buildouts of new Prestwick areas. Replacement of infrastructure issues.
07/21/2014 Velocty takes over assets and customer service from FTTH.
06/15/2014 Help FTTH with Buildouts and service issues.
12/01/2013 Agreement reached for Velocity to purchase assets of FTTH.
06/15/2013 FTTH contacts Velocity to reopen discussion of ownership by a local company that can support and grow residential fiber.
2010-2014 Velocity creates fiber construction expertise and builds business fiber in Eagan, Minneapolis, Golden Valley, and Lakeville.
2009 Velocity does not succeed in its first try to acquire FTTH in Rosemount.
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