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Customer Testimonials
  • We just switched to Gigabit MN . Better rates, faster speeds. We use Hulu for TV and love it and we haven't had a hardline for years.

    Matt F.
  • We switched to GigabitMN based on the recommendation of a neighbor, and have been on it for about a month now. Even though I signed up for the same speed (200Mbps), I'm getting consistently higher speeds than before. I cannot speak for reliability since it has just been a month but worth noting that I have not had a single connection drop since setup!

    Abiram G.
  • FANTASTIC! They are wonderful. Working from home it's important that we have fast AND reliable service. We've found it with Gigabit - not others. Customer service is very good. You won't be disappointed if you go with them.

    Susie S.

  • We have Gigabit MN and love it! Great speed AND RELIABILITY for a reasonable price.

    David S.
  • Love Gigabit. Very responsive and great service. Variety of speeds available!

    Carol K.
  • Gigabit rocks! Best Internet provider I’ve ever experienced. Internet WILL go down. But when theirs does (and it’s rare that it does) they contact you first! Fast, reliable and economical. Great job!!

    Brian D.

  • We have had Gigabit MN for a while and are very happy with them.

    Dimitry S.
  • Your tech, Jackson, helped me navigate Cutting the Cord process...I just have to say how impressed I was with his professionalism and knowledge. All this modern technology is so beyond me but he helped me understand how everything works. There still will be a learning curve but he made it so much easier. I have also had the best service from Laura and all of your amazing techs. We had the option of bundling with one of the cable companies but at this point I refused to change from Gigabit for my phones and internet.

  • Service and attention to detail. Company never stops evolving and improving. Been a customer since 2002.

    Donald D.

  • We've had Gigabit since we moved to Rosemount in 2015. Excellent service, fast speeds and our rate hasn't changed in 3 years. I highly recommend them.

    Brian D.
  • It was great to work with Andy on phone support and Colin getting us up to 200Mbps at my house. The level of customer service is bar none above any other ISP/CATV provider I have ever dealt with.

    Matt S.
  • Gigabit is definitely better than other providers. I only wish I would have switched earlier as the speeds and reliability are much better.

    Brad B.

  • Zero issues in 5 years with Gigabit!

    Ryan B.
  • Other providers were horrible to deal with. Our old provider was ok, but when I tried to get a price break, they wouldn't budge until I cancelled. Too late, I went with Gigabit MN and am a happy customer.

    Linda W.
  • We made the switch back in December. Best choice we could've made for Internet service providers. We have been absolutely happy all around. We have both their Internet and their cable service. Fantastic. Highly recommend.

    Susie S.

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