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Customer Testimonials
  • We made the switch back in December. Best choice we could’ve made for Internet service providers. We have been absolutely happy all around. We have both their Internet and their cable service. Fantastic. Highly recommend.

    Susie S.
  • Gigabit is definitely better than other providers. I only wish I would have switched earlier as the speeds and reliability are much better.

    Brad B.
  • We’ve had Gigabit since we moved to Rosemount in 2015. Excellent service, fast speeds and our rate hasn’t changed in 3 years. I highly recommend them.

    Brian D.

  • Zero issues in 5 years with Gigabit!

    Ryan B.
  • Other providers were horrible to deal with. Our old provider was ok, but when I tried to get a price break, they wouldn't budge until I cancelled. Too late, I went with Gigabit MN and am a happy customer.

    Linda W.
  • Gigabit has been fantastic for us.

    Beth J.

  • If you can get Gigabit MN, you should go with them. Fiber to the house, 70mbps download and 20mbps upload for under $50. Reliable and local company!

    Bob C.
  • We have had Gigabit MN for a while and are very happy with them.

    Dimitry S.

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