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The Top 10 Reasons You Want Fiber Internet In Your Home!
  • Higher Bandwidth
    Speed, speed, speed! Fiber can facilitate higher bandwidth for faster data transmission, as well as better audio and video quality and world-wide communications.

  • Reliability
    Fiber is much more reliable than copper (xDSL) or coax (Cable) solutions. High-speed communications depend on the use of fiber optic cable to facilitate reliable network connections.

  • Telecommuting
    Working from Home is effortless with Fiber Internet. Fiber provides the speed and low latency in both directions that you need to work from home using Video Conferencing and other business applications. In Minnesota, you can avoid all the traffic issues caused by our two seasons…….Winter and Construction!

  • Upload Speed
    Fiber is the only product that can handle data at the same time, at any speed and in both directions. Faster uploads make Working from Home and Telecommuting easier and more productive. Symmetrical and Asymmetrical speeds available.

  • Lower Latency
    There is more to speed than how fast you can download or upload. Latency or how fast data can go back and forth and is the most critical issue for real-time applications. Fiber is the only solution that can give you the latency performance you need now and in the future. Lower latency is critical to gamers, stock traders, telecommuting, programmers, phone calls, and video conferencing, basically everything except a big download.

  • Faster Upload and Download Speeds
    This means more devices and users can run at the same time.

  • Durability
    Fiber optic cable is less susceptible to breakage than other types of cable, including cat 5 and coaxial cable.

  • Less Interference
    Other types of cable can fall victim to electromagnetic interference from sources such as radios and lights; fiber optic cable has a higher signal-carrying capacity and is not susceptible to interference.

  • Adds to Your Home Value
    Fiber can add at least $5000 to a home's resale value. Equal to a fireplace or hot tub!

  • Dedicated Resources, Upgradability, Security, and Support
    The technology of Fiber provides dedicated resources that are easily upgradable and provides additional security that provides much fewer opportunities for hackers to take advantage of. Fiber fails at a significantly lower rate as compared to copper/coax solutions and makes repairs faster and easier.

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