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watchTVeverywhere - SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS * Requires TV Package with Expanded HD TV

watchTVeverywhere (WTVE) streams some of your favorite programming to your table, smartphone, laptop and other devices. It's available anywhere you receive an Internet signal. WTVE is an addditional benifit provided to all Gigabit Minnesota TV subscribers *. The best part about's FREE!

  1. watchTVeverywhere Go to
  2. watchTVeverywhere - Provider List Select Gigabit Minnesota as your TV provider
  3. watchTVeverywhere - Register Click register to set up your free account.
  4. watchTVeverywhere - Register2 Enter the LAST name of the Gigabit Minnesota account holder and your account number (gmnXXXX) and then complete the form and click "register"
  5. Check your email for the validation email from watchTVeverywhere and click on the validation link in the email. Congratulations! You may now log in and see what networks are available to you!

WTVE allows you to access additional programming at any time from our fiber TV networks - both previously aired episodes and live programming will be available depending on the network. You'll have to register your GigabitMN account to gain access, but the process is quick and easy.

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